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Solution: Village at Sea


One solution to the above mentioned problems is to begin to colonize the oceans, but how? Since living at sea has never been done in large numbers, we have nothing to emulate. However, we do have a foundation to build off of; seasteading, it is an adaptation of homesteading, a concept well familiar to Americans.

Our solution, the Marinea Project, will be accomplished in three phases. Phase 1 which is our proof of concept and will be completed in the immediate future, we’re aiming for end of year 2017. Phase 2 consists of mid range goals and we expect to begin this operations phase within the next five years. Phase 3 is the long term planning of a deep sea village.



As you may have guessed, phase 1 is well underway. We have selected the hotel barge that we intend to use as our town center, and have begun the funding campaign in order to raise the amount needed to purchase it.

For more details on phase 1, click here to visit our proof of concept page.

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