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Phase 3

Phase 3 – Long Term – Deep Ocean

deep ocean

Phase 3 will be expanding to the deep ocean. From what is learned in the shallows, we’ll begin working on designing other colonies located in deep waters.

In addition we will be commercializing the construction of other ocean communities, and will allow for expansion of other seasteads beyond the original.

Nation Formation

In developing a new nation, we’ll want to partner with neighboring countries. We will try to be recognized by the UN as well as individual states. Marinea will begin to help other ocean living projects to get established.

With this type of structure, it is possible to have many different kinds of political and economic subsystems all as part of the same oceanic country. As an example, you could have extreme differences, such as a Libertarian community and a Communist one, separate from each other but all as part of the same global oceanic country. If one of the seasteads want to drop out of the association, they can do so with little fanfare. Likewise, it would be just as easy for others to join.

Research will continue to be one of the main objectives.

Living under the sea will be studied, as well as developing better transportation for the open ocean. We will continue to support businesses that are developing things to aid in oceanic colonization.

We may initiate the development of a universal language for business. While all languages today are accidental and non structured, the whole planet could have one simple, consistent, intentional language that would be easy to learn by the most number of people world wide. However, the development of this concept is yet to be determined.

Villages At Sea are The Best Solutions to Fixing Global Overcrowding

When Marinea enters phase3, it ceases to be a pilot project and it then becomes a nation. Throughout all the planning and development, we have kept in mind that the end goal is to have a fully functional, large scale, floating city at sea. A village at sea that is self-sustaining, expandable, replicable, and in harmony with nature.

And lastly, the most important part of Marinea is you. Without your membership, there will be no Marinea – and without you, there would be no reason for it.

Won’t you please join us, and catch the Wave of the Future!

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