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Phase 2

Of The Marinea Project

marinea phase2

Phase 2 is our operational phase when we will have a fully functional town center with floating marina designed to slip boats and sea-home floats.  This immediately follows phase 1 when we replace the barge with the permanent hub and avenues for expansion. We will further develop the on-site resources such as R&D facilities, shipping and transportation, the marina, retail and food/restaurant services. At some point in phase 2, basic habitation will be ready and we will offer additional hoteling as well as space for business incubation. Beyond that will consist of the incorporation of single and multi-family homes, construction of the avenues and expanding beyond the hub. Additionally, expanding the marina, and other secondary facilities like the data center and telecommunications infrastructure beyond the basic needs of the hotel. Continuing growth will consist of the replacement of the hub with a permanent structure and further expansion.

Mid-Range Goals

In the short term the town center and the marina will be operational and open for business – ready for other like minded ‘mariners’ to join us.

Once the floating marina has been built and towed to our site, we enter phase 2 which is the operational phase. At this point we will have a fully functional floating marina designed to slip boats and sea-home floats, the marina should then be profitable at this point as well. Our goals will then shift to expand our services and become a fully developed community with TV and internet capabilities, banking and support services all available.

We will expand to accommodate other businesses as well, and work to establish Mariners as a separate people with their own identity and government. We will work to become friends with and be recognized by as many friendly countries as we can.


By this point, dialog with the Bahamian government should be well on the way. Once the town center is in place, some resemblance of a political authority will be established. Government will be very small as the needs of the community have not yet been determined. The type of government will be left to those who choose to join our community. However, with the very limited government required for such a project, libertarians will no doubt feel very much at home.

In addition to The Bahamas, we will also try to have some communications with Cuba which is close by as well. The US government will probably not know that we exist or care, but of course we will welcome the Coast Guard whenever they come into port. Our doors are always open to fellow Mariners. After that, we will work to become friends with and be recognized by as many friendly countries as we can.


During the design and development of phase one, most people will be living on boats or staying at the hotel in the town center. In this phase two, ocean safe floating homes will have been developed and be on site. We will endeavor to have enough production to handle the demand, but orders will have to be on a first come bases. Orders for ocean safe floats and homes will be taken beginning in phase one.

We will have a team available to help with designs that would include ideas for commercial businesses, houses and residential areas, parks, etc. Hospitals will be built and staffed. All services necessary for a community to thrive will be put in place.


We intend to make Marinea the bazaar of the Americas. We will also educate and promote farming, both vegetables and fish. We will team up with other aqua -entrepreneurs (called aquapreneurs) to help establish resorts, research facilities and sport attractions along with other types of businesses.

Marinea is a research and development project into ocean colonization. We will bend our interest in developing new types of transportation, energy production, medical services and of course how to live safely in the deep ocean, which takes us into phase 3.

By having a project that has multiple appeals to many types of people, the project is diversified and more likely to succeed. This is very important for the original fund raising appeal and investor comfort.

If you believe that the oceans are humankind’s hope for a future worth working for, and would like to see the Marinea Project come into fruition, then please join us now.

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What will the future of ocean colonization look like? Who knows! But phase3 is how it will start.