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Phase 1

Of The Marinea Project

Location      Development      Funding

Phase 1 is our proof of concept and will be completed in the immediate future. This start up phase includes our initial research regarding feasibility, location, design and development, as well as our plans for funding. And throughout all of this planning, we have kept in mind that the end goal is to have a fully functional, large scale, floating city at sea.


We have chosen a beautiful location in The Caribbean for our first village at sea.

Safety is a key element to design, so starting our project in a relatively safe area would be an important part of phase one planning. Someplace where the fishing is good also figures in to the equation. In order to have all of the freedoms that go along with seasteading, the location would also need to be beyond the 25 mile property line with any existing countries.

The Sal Bank will be home to Marinea. A place that fits the best with all the criteria mentioned is a place between Miami and Cuba called the Sal Bank. Mineral rights are claimed by The Bahamas, so of course we would not be doing any mining without their permission. If we discover that our first choice for a starting location has any unforeseen problems, we can easily relocate to another site. There are a string of uninhabitable narrow islands that act as a wave break to give this area some protection against waves. They would be no protection from wind and hurricanes, however the very large island of Cuba with it’s mountains, does help. We will still design our homes and businesses to withstand ocean weather but we can trim some of the sails by good placement.

Design and Development

Getting a float that will act as our town center, and moving it on site, is all part of phase one. We have an opportunity to purchase a vessel that would be perfectly suited for this project.  With everyone pulling together, we can accomplish this by the end of 2017.

The float will serve as our base of operation, and will be large enough to accommodate our corporate offices as well as about a half dozen core businesses, our staff and their families, as well as a couple of dozen of the first ‘Mariners’ that wish to join us..

The key to making this pilot project successful is to diversify into many interests. For example, we will have a general store, a restaurant, a small hotel for visitors, a bar or dance club for recreation, a fueling and water station for boaters. It would also have to have a marina for docking. And don’t forget a bait store, because one big reason people will want to come out and visit is for the fishing.

Below you will see a picture gallery of the luxury barge in discussion.  


If you would like to see Marinea get in the water, then please consider making a contribution of any amount. Thank you!

Marinea Sea-Note$15M U.S. is the total amount needed to complete phase one of the Marinea Project.

Our primary funding will come from those that will benefit the most, our members. We are working toward one million ‘Club Marinea’ members. Membership comes with numerous benefits. The cost of membership is just $100 U.S. CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP DETAILS. The first 100,000 paying members will be considered founding members, and will have additional benefits including but not limited to receiving one free Sea-Note with your membership purchase.

In addition to memberships, we also have Sea-Notes available for purchase. Sea-Notes can be traded for gifts and other purchases including products and services on-board Marinea; but for now think of them as gift cards. Sea-Notes sell for $100. Note: additional Sea-Notes are only available to members, and once Marinea becomes a recognized nation, those Sea-Notes can also be exchanged for citizenship for family or friends.

Once you become a member, you may of course purchase as many additional Sea-Notes as you wish – as they can be used either for citizenship when the time comes, as a discount on Marinea partner products and services, or as an investment in a new industry, or maybe just because you want to see this project happen and have your name written in the book of the founders as a moment in history. Whatever your reason, we want to thank you for your support, both financial and that of telling your friends about the Marinea Project.

Note that funding for growth as well as ongoing research and development will come from future memberships and profits from Marinea services. Our town center (large hotel barge) will provide the necessary goods and services needed to run an independent self-sustaining village. ie: utilities, communications, general store, fueling station, restaurant, etc. Once this base is established, further funds and profits will be used to foster R&D through seed grants and resource support of entrepreneurs willing to test out their products and claims out on the sea.

To help us get in the water in a reasonable amount of time, financing of $15M U.S. may be our best option which will be paid back from memberships. This will pay for the original refitted hotel barge that will serve as our town center for phase one of the Marinea Project.

If you believe that the oceans are humankind’s hope for a future worth working for, and would like to see the Marinea Project come into fruition, then please join us.

membership benefits

Of course our current focus is on phase1, however you can click here to read about phase2 of the project.