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The Population Puzzle

Can you solve it?

population puzzleHave you ever wondered about what life will be like for your children, grandchildren? If nothing is done to change the course of events, it will be a world ripe with grief and war. People will be fighting for too little provisions in a hopeless struggle to survive; or it could be a world with hope and real solutions. We’re talking about solutions to the problems that we are actually facing right now because of over population: the refugee problem in Europe, cities over-crowded and gang infested, hopeless teens wanting an opportunity to work but finding none and turning to drugs in despair. These are not just future problems, these are problems that we face right now – and all of these ‘symptoms’ are part of the same real problem, and it’s called over-crowding. This is the direct result of world overpopulation.

The solutions in the past have been war, but we now are technically advanced enough to let science give us other solutions. Silicon Valley’s solution is to colonize Mars. NASA looks to colonize the moon. Business’s solution is to colonize the empty parts of Earth that we live on, especially the energy rich and stable living environment of the oceans.

There is no place safer or freer on the planet, than the oceans. And they cover about 70% of the globe, meaning there is plenty of room to grow. When we begin colonizing the oceans, governments will be able to see that we don’t need wars or abortions to reduce the number of lives, there are better alternatives.

The big problem is that the Earth’s population has passed the 7 billion mark, well on its way to 8 billion. By 2050 there will be 10 billion people that will need to eat and have a place to live. These 40% more people that we are talking about are our children, our grandchildren. Forty percent more children trying for the same jobs, trying to buy the same homes, sharing meals. Doesn’t seem fair does it? The only way to provide for the future is to begin to expand into the sea now.

The Marinea Project can change all of that dark hopeless future into a bright and optimistic one just by a lot of ‘caring people’ able to see the two possible paths, and choosing to do their part for the benefit of the future.

We can make ocean living preferable to land. We have the technology, we have the answers, we just need enough of those ‘caring people’ to get behind the Marinea Project early on to help get it launched.

The one time membership of $100 will do much for you also. As an example, members will get a 5% discount at all Marinea shops and businesses once the village is operational. This is a big one, the first 100,000 paying members will receive one free Sea-Note, this one benefit will more than compensate for being one of the early birds. Think of Sea-Notes as a new kind of gift card. Members can purchase more Sea-Notes, also $100. The sale of Sea-Notes will be used to build the first floating village in the Caribbean.

The biggest reason for getting Sea-Notes is that once Marinea reaches a target number of residents, we will petition the UN for independent country status. When that happens, all members will be converted to citizen status upon written request, and any non-member can pay for citizenship with one Sea-Note no matter what the cost for citizenship is at the time.

What’s in it for you is well worth the cost of membership, but what it’s worth to the people of tomorrow is incalculable. Your $100 memberships will prove to the financial backers that there is interest in living at sea. Those early membership payments will be our ‘down payment’ so to speak.

Total for phase one, we will need 15 million. Part of that will purchase a large hotel barge that will be the base for the project, it will act as our town center. It already has the capability of generating electricity and water, and the ability to add cable and internet. From this base, people who live in their boats can have all the things that they get in a marina without the ridged rules and high prices. Water and fuel will be available from the base for the boats in the area also. Think of this as a marina at sea.

For those not all that interested in living on a yacht, coming in phase two there will be ocean safe houseboats available, (much bigger than the lake versions). Soon the fledgling colony will be a flourishing village at sea, a Venice in the Caribbean. But it all depends on us getting new members, as many as we can, until we reach critical mass. That is the point where there is enough momentum that the project will generate enough money to succeed on its own.

Marinea is designed to make money by providing services, there are no taxes. There is no yearly memberships or costs. You only pay for what you buy. And there is plenty of room to expand, which means jobs for those who want them. Become a member of the group investing in Earth’s future.

Learn more and then join us at

Bob Llewellyn / June 2017

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