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Open Letter to Libertarians

Open Letter to All Libertarians:

Libertarians see government as a necessary evil. Necessary but evil means that we want as little of government interference in our life as we can get away with. There have been attempts in the past to develop a homeland for freedom loving people with varying amount of success, but none reaching the level of liberty that would be expected as with a libertarian form of government.

If this is you, if you are libertarian or leaning that way, you are cordially invited and encouraged to join with other libertarians in developing our own country. This new country will not be someplace where there are already governments that would have to be replaced. Nor is it somewhere barren of life, dry or cold. But instead it is to be in the freest and one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the Caribbean.

Plans have been made, details worked out, and the time has come to build our new home, a floating island in a somewhat protected region of the ocean that is not part of some other country’s territory. An anchored ship beyond the 24 nautical mile boundaries of any country is in open ocean, and not under the authority of any one government. There are laws of the sea of course, but they are limited and reasonable. The chosen area is protected by a ring of small islands that are too small to live on but inhibit waves very nicely.

The island village will be made from tying together several self contained floating platforms, also called barges. Barges come in all sizes and shapes in order to accomplish whatever they were designed to do. The Queens barge would look nothing like a hopper barge used for carrying coal. Ones used in the open sea have to be designed for the open sea but can be made to look like rock, a building or pretty much anything. In addition to the real freedom available, the peaceful environment and beautiful seascapes, is the fact that there are no taxes, there’s abundant cheep energy and it cost less to live better in a safer environment than you are probably living in right now. Yes, we meant to imply that it is safer living at sea than on land.

The original project was to create new living space to handle the population over-crowding. However, the developers did not want to have to figure out how to make some governing authority to handle everyday problems. Those early members decided to offer the job of developing and operating the government of the people to libertarians because it would work out well for the project, and give libertarians a real place to call home.

The new floating country is called the ‘Marinea Project’, it can be found on most search engines by now. It is not an overnight flash in the pan, fad or illusion. And now you have the opportunity to help build your very own libertarian styled community which in time will become a new country when it is big enough, and for you to become one of its first founding citizens. Membership is not free but its cheaper than taxes and servitude. You need us and we need you.

Join us and help us build a new and better tomorrow.

Bob Llewellyn / Marinea Project Manager

Gratitude List Update:

12November2016 South Carolina Libertarian Party Resolution

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