marinea project, seasteading, ocean colonization A New Era of Libertarianism

A New Era

of Libertarianism


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -R. Buckminster Fuller

The Marinea Project is now seeking endorsements from every libertarian, Libertarian party and libertarian leaning organization that is willing to help us establish a real working role model, that every other libertarian campaign can use, as a living example of libertarianism.

The creation of a republic was not possible under the rulership of the king, it only became a possibility when the settlers moved to a new continent. Once the first one was established, other countries adopted the improved republic style of government.

Even if and when the Free State Project becomes wildly successful, it could never replace the under-structure of the current republic base and there would be a lot of resistance to changing it from the existing Democrats and Republicans. It would be easy to put a more restrictive government under a freer one, but we can’t add freedoms to a state government while it is under a more restrictive model.

The solution is to go where no one has gone before and create our own Libertarian state (country).

This can now be done because a project that is designed to promote ocean colonization has offered the Libertarians the right and responsibility of creating and setting up a truly Libertarian government.

The name of that project is the Marinea Project. It is intended to be the first floating Village at Sea with the first truly libertarian government. Furthermore, members of the the project will become the first citizens when there are enough members to proclaim our statehood. Those wishing to become citizens after statehood may do so but at a much higher cost, so we call the membership program our prepaid citizenship program.

We are most grateful to the South Carolina Libertarian Party for reviewing our program and giving the Marinea Project its first endorsement. We are now seeking your endorsements. If you are willing to help us establish a real working role model, that every other libertarian campaign can use as a living example of libertarianism, then join us.

The question of course is whether a Village at Sea is really possible and safe? And the answer is of course yes, because parts of everything that we are doing has been in use for quite sometime, we are just using existing technology to do something new and different. People live on boats now and even on houseboats on calm lakes. It isn’t much of a stretch from there to ocean safe ocean homes floating in a lagoon or other wise semi-protected waters.

We have a lot of information on colonizing the oceans. Please take the time to check this program out thoroughly, then join us and help us promote the idea of freedom on the open seas. Ocean colonization will happen, the question is when and by whom. Will the oceans remain the freest place on Earth or will the powers that be, try to enslave the oceans as well.

We need you. Every member counts. The more we have the more that will follow, so growth is doubly important. We need $15 million to begin phase one, so the more membership fees we have, the less we will have to borrow. And the more members that we have, the louder our voice will be for being a recognized individual country at sea and a voice for responsible freedom.

We can make a floating Village at Sea, that is just technology, but can that village be populated with, and governed by, libertarians – thereby protecting the freedom of the open seas? Marinea is a group effort, many people doing just a little. Membership is just $100, so we will need a lot of members to succeed, but with your help, Marinea will be the first truly Libertarian country on Earth.

Libertarians Unite – Join The Marinea Project


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