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Membership Benefits

When you catch the wave here’s what’s coming your way:


Why would anyone want citizenship in a country that doesn’t even exist – that is to say, YET? It’s called having a back-up plan. When you consider a second citizenship in a peaceful freedom loving country like Marinea is just $100 US, you’d be crazy to pass it up when you have so much to gain and really nothing to lose. The cost of membership in Marinea (which equates to citizenship) is currently just $100.

We have all heard of propositions for space colonies, moon colonies, and even a Mars colony. But few are talking about the one that is happening right now – ocean colonization. Marinea is a pilot project into developing a fully functional seastead, a floating village, which will one day become its own floating nation.

When Marinea achieves nation status, members of Club Marinea will become citizens of the new Marinean nation. Marinea, just like the United States, will recognize duel citizenship. There will be no reason to have to give up your previous citizenship to become a citizen of Marinea. Anyone can live on their boat, anywhere in the free waters and be citizens of Marinea flying the Marinea flag – so long as they are agreeable with our constitution. Marinea is not solely geographically identified but functions more like the internet. In the future we may choose to move the capital of Marinea from its proposed site in the Sal Bank to one that better suits the new technologies and ocean living knowledge and skills.

So, do you need a place to go that cherishes freedom and personal liberty above all else? Check out Marinea.

Marinea will be the first truly Libertarian based government on Earth. Libertarian-ism emphasizes the rights of the individual above the rights of the group or state. Mandatory insurance or mandated laws are seen as contrary to the Libertarian mindset. Your business is always your own. Laws are only meant to protect people from loss, never to persuade them against their will. A small type of government will be needed because of the non geographic nature of our futuristic nation and the Libertarian concept fits these needs well.


A minimum 5% discount on all products and services with our partner companies *exclusions apply ie: boat purchases, however we will negotiate the best possible price for our members.

In our Village At Sea, you’ll receive 20% off a night’s stay at our luxury floating hotel, at least a 5% restaurant discount, and savings on marina services.


A listing in the Logbook of Mariners. Let the world know that you are a visionary with an eye on the future.


What membership would be complete without special promotions and free offers! Check the members only area each month to see what new items have been added.


BONUS of one Sea-Note for the first 100,000 members only, which can either be used as a gift card for Marinea associated products or services, as citizenship for a loved one, or donated back to Marinea’s Research Department.