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Meet Our Team


Marinea CEO
Mark Stephan

CEO: Mark Stephan

Futurist and entrepreneur, Mark has worked in many industries, primarily high tech and sustainability, and is passionate and ready to help steer the world in a new direction – towards the sea. (


Marinea project manager
Bob Llewellyn

Project Manager: Bob Llewellyn

If Bob’s life could be described in one word, it would be evolutionary. Everything he has done in his life has evolved and prepared him to this point in time. From farming and construction to the US Navy and investment, Bob is ready to bring everything together to create the first village at sea. (

Marinea CTO
Chad Elwartowski

CTO: Chad Elwartowski

Chad is our guru of technology. From bitcoin currency and investment to high speed internet, data centers, and security, Chad has the background and experience to make sure our technology infrastructure is suitable to any enterprise. (


Shane Marinea communications
Shane Radliff

Communications Specialist: Shane Radliff

Shane is the guy who hosts the podcast, handles interviews on other radio shows/podcasts, etc. If you would like to schedule an interview with him on the Marinea Podcast ‘Ocean Living’, please contact him at: (

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