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June 24, 2018


The Marinea Project – Village At Sea

‘Marinea’ is the first of several cities that we will be building out at sea. It will start as a village, and grow from there into a full size city with all the amenities that you would expect your town to have.

land use chartWith over 70% of the Earth’s surface covered by water, it just makes sense to look toward the seas first for expansion, then beyond. By moving to this unclaimed part of the world we are able to make room for more people, thereby solving a good deal of the crises associated with our growing population. So to this end we will be creating habitable environments on the sea starting with our pilot project, ‘Marinea’.

The Plan

For this idea to succeed, extensive research was done, and trials conducted. The feasibility study concluded that this project could be successfully implemented with proper planning and testing. First, the village must be self-sustaining, meaning that we have to be able to produce an equivalent value to what we consume. Secondly, the project has to be expandable. The town center (core area) will start with about a half dozen necessary businesses that will sustain a viable community at sea, and new platforms for additional businesses will be added as time goes on. And finally, Marinea has to be replicable, as villages at sea are necessary solutions to the growing problems associated with global over-crowding. The purpose of this project is multifaceted. There are massive problems facing the world, and for solutions we must be willing to look outside the box, in other words – to the sea!

The question is – can we create a city where people will want to live. We believe that the answer is yes. You are either growing or shrinking, static is not an achievable or desirable condition. The ability to grow is the ability to survive. What we find in our endeavors will be the foundations for many more communities to come in the future.

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