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June 24, 2018

Problem: Over Population

Growing World Problems

The time is now for the Marinea Project ‘Village-at-Sea’. There is an incredible shortage of land worldwide, an overabundance of people, and heartbreaking problems that are a result of this overpopulation.

The Case for Seasteading Now – There are many reasons to expand to the ocean, but it comes down to too many people having to share too few resources. Some of the related situations are over-crowding, food shortages, and environmental problems – just to name a few.


There is a tragic and on-going refugee problem. A proven sea-city could potentially house millions, and would also have the ability to be relocated if need be. A village at sea offers a viable and humane solution to the refugee crisis.

An outcome of wars is always a reduction in population. Depopulation, while always cruel and inhumane, is no longer even effective because of the size of the population. In 2012 the population of the Earth passed 7 billion. We can still house and feed that many, but not for long. As we add more people to a system that is already stressed and breaking down, war is inevitable.

Like urban riots, war is another result of overcrowding. Look at the middle east, urban riots turned into civil war – which grew to include many nations in a real shooting war – and the inhabitants are trying to escape at all costs.

Food Shortages

When you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach a man to raise fish in the oceans, he’ll feed his community for a lifetime. Marinea’s farms alone can not feed the world – however whatever we learn about ocean colonization and fish farming, we can teach the world. Help us to get the infrastructure in place and you will be helping to feed the world.

The oceans are big, but not so big that they alone can support the seafood production for the entire world. Primitive hunting and gathering techniques have reduced the seafood supply, while demand has continually increased and will continue to do so. We are heading into a crisis, however through modern fish farms, we have a solution.

Here is a good example of how farming benefits food production. Why are chickens not on the endangered species list considering that humans eat so much of them? We learned to farm raise chickens, of course. Marinea’s fish farms will do the same thing, raise farm fresh fish in their natural habitat, the ocean. A village at sea offers a viable solution to this problem also.

Environmental Problems

Did you know that the oceans take up more than half of the carbon dioxide from the air, and gives us in return just over half of all our oxygen production on the planet. Dumping garbage in the oceans is not helping the environment to heal itself, or us. Since there are currently no people living at sea, there is no one to speak out against the dumping from land based cities and to clean up the mess. Permanent residents at sea would fight to keep their homes from being polluted just like land based people do. And, humans living at sea could actually increase the absorption of CO2 and help save the planet.

Loss of Freedom

Especially for Americans, the loss of our freedoms is harder to bare than the loss of food or shelter. The state motto of New Hampshire for example is “live free or die” and the echos of our founding fathers are still heard today when any libertarian quotes Patrick Henry’s declaration “as for me, give me liberty or give me death”. Libertarians from all over the country moved to New Hampshire to join the free state project in an effort to have one small place to call their own. The problem was that there were already people living there. There is no place on land where people do not already lay claim to, however the open sea is another matter.

Civil Unrest

There are many problems associated with civil unrest. Overcrowding in our cities is causing a lot of upheaval. Of course most business people don’t want to open up new businesses in impoverished areas, neither do established businesses want to remain, much less expand in dangerous and depressed areas. Opportunities are then restricted, and the unrest increases. A solution then, is to move someplace where there are opportunities and growth with others that think as you do, and where the government is something that you can support and believe in.

Speaking of government, there are many opinions as to what the best type is, all fighting for attention and to be heard, and smaller groups tend to get margined out. However seasteads can be separated into communities, and each can have their own type of government. You can see where villages at sea offers a viable solution to this problem as well.

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