June 23, 2018


Watch this short 3 minute introductory video.


Marinea is a research project into ocean colonization. The Marinea Project is a research effort into the viability of building thriving villages on Earth’s oceans. Our slogan, “Seas – the Future!” is based on the reality that the oceans are mans best hope for its own future survival. Marinea’s primary purpose is the expansion of livable area by creating permanent human settlements (called seasteads), floating on the surface of the water. Unlike space colonies, ocean colonies are well within our current technical capabilities. To learn more about this unique project, click on the What Are We Doing‘ icon to the left.


Many of the problems that humanity currently face has but one common source – overcrowding. Regional wars, violence in the streets, civil unrest, and hunger; all exist as a result of an incredible shortage of land worldwide and an overabundance of people. Let’s take a closer look at the world as it currently is and what we need to fix it. Just click the Why Are We Doing It‘ icon over to the left to discover why we are pursuing this project.


We are using the expansion into the American west called homesteading as our guide to setting up our first seastead. Since living permanently and self-sufficiently at sea has never been accomplished before in large numbers, we intend to emulate the success of homesteading with seasteading (homesteading on the water). The plan is simplicity at its best, ‘start small and grow from there’. Our plan can be seen by clicking How Are We Doing It‘, on the left.


Do you support the idea of the Marinea Project?

What are the problems that need to be overcome in order to make this vision a reality? How will we get the capital needed to get the core of Marinea into the water? What else stands in our way? This and more will all be explained when you click the Next Step‘, link on the left.